At Virtual Office Team, we believe that working in teams is not only a lot more effective than ploughing a lonely furrow but also a lot more fun.

Together, we provide professional admin support to busy, successful business-owners; we take care of both the business and its owner.

As our company name suggests, the teams that we help create are virtual - providing seamless integration of the practical support owners need while they are out and about.  We, however, are actually the kinds of people who feel strongly about regularly meeting our clients face-to-face; we recognise that through planned contact comes continuity, connectivity and confidence.

Virtual Office Team was founded on a set of guiding principles that inform every aspect of how we run and work, they are:

-We’re real people who care about the detail

-We think being busy is a good problem to have

-We’re all about taking the hard work out

-We think working together is a lot more fun

-We believe in meeting face-to-face

-We believe in celebrating success

-We believe everyone should love what they do

So whether you're looking for a virtual assistant, virtual assistance or some business support advice, we've got you covered. 

Louise Mann

With ten years’ experience in administration and operations, Louise knows how to get things done.  And done properly. And on time.

From setting up offices to setting up social media accounts, and from managing people resources to managing events, Louise is the kind of person that you can hand a task to safe in the knowledge that not only will she make it happen, but she’ll also find the most efficient way to do it.

She has a real eye for looking at how things run and spotting what could be improved; she’s great with systems, procedures and databases.  Louise is a born organiser.

Lindsey Fallon

Lindsey worked in the creative industries for 17 years before transitioning into executive assistant services.  She is a first-rate project manager, eating up the kinds of complex missions that most people would find daunting.


With extensive experience of budget management, photoshoots and multi-layered schedules, Lindsey doesn’t faze easily; she loves it when clients set her a tricky challenge.

Adept at social media, website optimisation and content management, Lindsey also has valuable experience in book-keeping, credit control and recruitment.  

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