You need to get noticed.  Life is competitive: if you’re not reaching out to potential customers then you can be assured that your competitors probably are.  But the problem is that digital marketing is a highly complex cross between rocket science and brain surgery, far beyond the comprehension of the mere mortal.  So you’re better off avoiding it, right?


Wrong:  Digital. Marketing. Is. Not. Difficult.

(There, it’s much better seeing it broken down like that.)


Here at Virtual Office Team, we can make digital marketing and social media work for you.  We’ll assess your business needs and explain the most appropriate platforms and social media options for you.  The best thing might be to focus just on Facebook; or it might be to have a presence across all social platforms – we’ll listen to your needs and give you an honest appraisal.


You might want us to optimise what you’re currently doing, or kick things off from scratch.  Whatever you and your business require, our social media experts know the steps to take to make things work for you. 


And we promise to do it all jargon-free and without making you feel like you’re the only person on the planet who isn’t using the term ‘instagrammable’. 


You’re in business to make money.  Potential customers need to know what you do and how good you are at it in order to contact you rather than your competitors.  Social media can really help you get noticed; we can help you ‘get’ social media. Digital marketing could be the key to your future success; we’ve got a huge bunch of keys and will help you choose the right one.


While you’re busy making your business a success, here are some of the things we could be helping with:​

  • devising a social media strategy that gets you noticed

  • writing social media content that engages readers

  • posting content at the optimum times

  • sourcing great imagery that makes an impact

  • running a campaign or competition to build awareness

  • managing social media accounts and responding to comments

  • developing digital advertising to meet your objectives

  • letting you sleep well at night, knowing that while you rest we’ve got the internet working busily on your behalf

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