If you’re a successful small business then it’s hard enough finding the time to do everything needed to keep on track on a day-to-day basis, let alone find extra hours to focus on other stuff. These broader areas might be things that could help grow your business or make it run more smoothly. All small businesses have a place to record such projects: it’s called Tomorrow’s To-Do List.

This list is full of important items - things that might really help. The problem is that they are the kinds of topics that are easy to put off. Repeatedly. They are tasks that will definitely get looked at ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next week’ or ‘after the holidays’ or ‘in the new year’.

We can turn ‘tomorrow’ into ‘today’.

You don’t need a big team to attack your To-Do list, you just need the Virtual Office Team. We’re a flexible resource that you can hire for ad-hoc projects or on an ongoing basis, depending on what you need.

These are the sorts of areas we can assist with:

○ Business research

○ Procurement 

○ Expenses
○ Marketing advice and planning
○ Business analysis and consultancy
○ Website design and maintenance
○ Admin proceses - set up and management 

○ Data inputting

○ Recruitment

We undertake most projects ourselves but also have a tried and trusted network of experts that we work alongside if specialist inputs are required. You can deal with these contacts directly or we’ll do the leg-work and liaise for you – the choice is yours.

A bit like your To-Do list for ‘tomorrow’, our list above is limitless. Test us – we love a challenge. Need a website up and running pronto – we can help. Need long-term van hire options researched and the best local deal found – we can help. Need to attend a course or training day – well, much as we’d like to, we can’t actually go for you but we can take care of your calls while you’re tied up … and, with all the hours we can save you assisting on other projects, you can probably spare the time to go anyway.

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