Ever wished your filing was completely up-to-date and easy to manage? Confident that your VAT receipts and expenses are all logged and ready for the next Return? Did you ever follow up on that tricky quote you spent ages on? Using up precious time chasing invoice payments when you could be earning money instead?

Admin: it’s not glamorous, it’s not fun and it’s all too easy to put off. Most people hate it; some people love it.

Here at Virtual Office Team, we love admin.

The one thing guaranteed about admin is that it won’t solve itself. However, one thing we can guarantee is that if we work together, we can solve all your admin issues. You know how good it feels when a big project goes without a single hitch; or the satisfaction of a heart-felt ‘thank you’ from a previously difficult customer? Those are rare precious moments. We can give you that same feeling of contentment about your admin. We can get everything in order so that you’re on top of your admin, rather than your admin being on top of you. Not only that, but we’ll ensure you have a system that’s simple, logical and easy to maintain.


With some tlc from Virtual Office Team, your admin will always be under control. Give us the chance to use our Admin Magic Wand to streamline your paperwork.

Whether it’s a few hours a month or a few hours a week, we can put together an admin support package to sort day-to-day tasks or one-off projects.

Admin support is charged at ​£30 per hour + vat. We use timesheets to record accurately and we only invoice for the time used.

Some of the areas we can help you with:

o Expense reconciliation 

o Data inputting
o Invoice chasing
o Following up quotes
o Obtaining client feedback
o Setting up admin processes
o Collating and filing expenses
o Liaising with staff and suppliers
o Ad-hoc projects, spreadsheet creation, pricing assistance, gift buying

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