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Virtual Office Team offers Virtual PA style admin support and call handling services to busy people so that they can focus on actively growing their business.  Being busy is a good thing; our aim is to help alleviate the associated admin that comes with being successful and in-demand.


We free up time for our clients so that they can focus on their core skills, safe in the knowledge that we are professionally managing customer services, agreed tasks and admin projects on their behalf.


We can’t create more hours in the day, but we can help people create more out of the hours by using their time more effectively.

How can we help you?


What We Do

We look after all the admin-related aspects associated with running a successful small business: the things that might end up at the bottom of  a busy person’s ‘to do’ list (and never quite get done) are guaranteed to be priorities for us (and will always be completed). We also make it possible for customers (and potential customers) to reach ‘you’ even when you’re unavailable.


We offer a range of services, including:

tailored call-handling

Inbox management 

managing appointments

admin support
data inputting

following up quotes

supplier liaison

invoice chasing

staff rotas

Find out more about our bespoke services here.

How We Do It

We work in whatever ways best suit our clients.  That said, our guiding principles are:

  1. We want the people we liaise with on your behalf to feel that we are part of your team and work directly for you.

  2. We’re a flexible resource so you’re only paying for what you need.  We run regular account reviews to ensure that, as your business changes, our services adapt to provide the best value support possible.

  3. We like to meet our clients regularly.  We think you’ll find us positive and enthusiastic about supporting your business.

The benefits for you

Our value is in that we do the leg-work for our clients, freeing up their time to focus on their core trade or expertise.


If enlisting Virtual Office Team creates additional time for you to increase your net earning capacity, then you’re winning.  In the same way that it would take us infinitely more time (for an infinitely worse result!) to cut someone's hair, wire up a two-gang socket or attempt reflexology, we’re pretty good at what we do and that spreadsheet that might take you all weekend might only take us a couple of hours.  

How you use the extra time that we make for you is your decision: you could work more and earn more…or watch that Wednesday afternoon school football match…or finally clear out the shed…or just relax.

Key People

Virtual Office Team Ltd. was founded by Lindsey Fallon and Louise Mann who have over 20 years’ admin and business operations experience between them.  Their paths crossed five years ago, and their new enterprise resulted from a shared belief that they could use their expertise to help small businesses and sole traders spend more time doing what they do best by freeing them from back-office tasks.  Lindsey and Louise love to look after all the detail that makes things tick.

Find out more about us here.

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